Brand News was founded by Shinichi Shuto in 2007
to specialize in building brands in fashion, beauty and lifestyle for the Japanese market. Before starting Brand News, Shinichi gained extensive experience in the marketing and public relations industry specializing in fashion.
He began his career in the fashion business division of Itochu Fashion Systems, one of Japan’s largest general trading companies. He also worked for several European luxury brands including Hugo Boss, Prada, and Omega watches. When he was living and working in New York for Prada U.S.A., he built strong relationships with several American fashion designers and senior managers in the industry.

Originally Brand News built its reputation as a PR / Marketing Agency specializing in new and upcoming American and European designers / brands. However, now it is known not only for its representation of American and European designers, but has become one of the best known
PR / Marketing Agencies for up-coming Japanese designer brands, for launching brands and companies in Japan, and for re-positioning brands for the Japanese consumer.

If foreign brands and companies are to be successful in today’s Japanese market, it is essential that they have a strategic business plan and strong public relations to target Japanese customers. Brand News will analyze and focus a brand’s position in the Japanese market, we will formulate effective public relations and marketing plans, and we will put these plans into practice. Measuring the results to build brand awareness. Effectively communicating to target customers creates positive brand recognition, fosters positive brand associations, and enhances the value of the brand. We also provide business and branding consulting and research into the competition, pricing, and distribution channels, formulating a comprehensive business plan for Japan.