If foreign brands are to be successful in today's Japanese market, it is essential that they have a strategic business plan and strong public relations. Brand News will analyze and focus a brand's position in the Japanese market, will formulate effective public relations plans, and put them into practice. Communicating effectively with customers targeted
by the brand creates positive brand recognition, fosters positive brand associations, and enhances the value of the brand. We also provide consulting, such as research into the competition, pricing, and distribution channels, formulating business plans for Japan, coordination for license business, and branding.


・Establish the communication goals and develop a PR &
   Marketing strategy for the Japanese market
・Create a PR & Marketing strategic plan targeted
   at the appropriate Japanese customers
・Select the appropriate target media
   and communication methods in Japan
・Preparation / Translation of effective news releases
   and press kit into Japanese
・Make contact and develop relationships with traditional
   and emerging media, bloggers, stylists and influencers
・Create feature editorials in media. Research, approach
   and negotiate on behalf of client

・Lease and management of press samples in our showroom
・Report PR & Marketing results
・Evaluation of PR and Marketing value
・Handle Japanese customer inquiries
   and Japanese press issues
・Planning, production, operation and organizing
   of fashion shows, store events, pop-up stores, press events
   or other events in Japan and overseas
・Planning, design and production
   of PR & Marketing materials (e.g. Brochures,
   POP advertising, Direct Mail pieces)


・Comprehensive consulting for the fashion business
・Consult on brand marketing
・Create brand identity
・Store and distribution consulting
・Lifestyle consulting
・Food and restaurant consulting
・Develop relationships between overseas brands
   and Japanese license / distribution partners
・Consult fashion businesses in the USA
   on Japanese companies and brands

・Work on creative strategy, execution and art direction
・Create and develop Web design
・Create and develop advertising campaigns
   and editorial contents
・Create and develop in-store and merchandising design
・Create and develop product & package design


・Develop and execute Digital PR & Marketing strategies
   using SNS platforms in Japan
・Execute the global SNS strategy in Japan
   (translation of global contents into Japanese and
   posting the translated contents for Japanese customers)
・Create Japanese local PR & Marketing ideas
   for Japanese customers
・Handle disclaimers and comments on posted contents
   from Japanese customers/users.
・Support and follow-up communication to opinions
   and questions from Japanese customers/users
・Designer and Artist Agent
・Management and promotion of overseas fashion designers
   and artists in Japan
・gent work for illustrators and stylists in cooperation
   with JED ROOT, Inc. in New York

・SEO & SMO strategy
・Media Planning
・Broadcasting solutions